Custom Made Foot Orthotics

What to Expect During Your Visit

Your appointment will take between 45-60 minutes when assessing, prescribing, and casting for custom made foot orthotics.


During your visit, the Podiatrist will:

- Conduct a biomechanical and gait analysis exam of your feet 

- Review your footwear and give recommendations

- Take a plaster cast or a 3D Scan of your feet 

- Prescribe and select the type of orthotics specifically tailored to your needs

- Casts are sent to the orthotics laboratory where they generally take 2-3 weeks to manufacture

Once your custom-made orthotics arrive, you will be contacted to set up a 15-30minute follow-up appointment to double check the orthotics came in as prescibed and cut and fit orthotics into your footwear. Dr. Ju will also do a 1 month follow-up visit to review orthotics and perform any adjustments if necessary 


In order to provide the best quality orthotics for patients, we recommend you:

1. Bring your main footwear that you would wear most during the week, ex. work shoes

2. Bring any old or previously made orthotics to the appointment for review

3. Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing for proper hip, legs, and feet exam

Prescriptions & Insurance Paperwork Provided

Private Insurance plans require the following information:

-Prescription for orthotics with diagnosis/medical condition

-Biomechanical & Gait Analysis Form

-Casting Technique used to create the orthotics

-Orthotic Lab information and materials used to fabricate the orthotics

-Dispense date of the orthotics