Treatments & Services

Nail Care


Many people have difficulty with cutting their toe nails due to a variety of reasons. This may be due to the nails getting thicker, ingrown, infected with fungus, or simply have problems seeing and reaching down to their feet. 

Callus & Corn Debridement


Callus & Corn tissue formation occurs due to repetitive stress on our feet. If neglected, they can become very painful when walking and standing. 

Plantar Wart Treatment


Plantars warts can grow in size, spread to other areas of the foot, and can become painful if left untreated. We offer topical treatments as well as surgical options. 

Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment & Surgery


Foot Mobilization & Manipulation Therapy


FMT is a manual therapy technique used to break up connective tissue and joint restrictions which will help to decrease pain, restore range of motion, and get patients back on their feet.

Diabetic Assessment & Wound/Ulcer Care


Diabetic foot care can be complex, so we perform a vascular, neurological, dermatological, and structural exam of your foot. This will help determine any risk factors you may have that could lead to ulcerations and potential amputation of the foot and leg. 

Custom Made Foot Orthotics & AFOs


Custom Molded Silicone Toe Spacers


Toe spacers and crests can help alleviate pressure points and callus/corn formation caused by bunions and hammer toes

Orthopedic Shoe Modifications


Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, Achilles Tendoniitis, & Other Foot Injuries